Connecting with others

A few days ago I had the privilege of selling my wares at the Denver Punk Rock Flea Market.  This is an incredible event that takes place a few times a year – this time at an outdoor venue for the first time.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day as we set up my booth next to some very cool outdoor art, a stage for live music, multiple bar stands, and a myriad of wonderfully talented artists.  Things could definitely have been much worse.

earringspqbusiness cardmore necklaces

I was able to sell quite a few items, mostly because of Alicia’s help – she’s an extraordinary salesperson 🙂 – but that wasn’t even close to the best part of the day.

For over a week Josh and Alicia had been torturing me mercilessly.  I knew that SOMEONE was coming to visit but I had no idea who and it was driving me insane.  I couldn’t figure out who it might be despite the creative clues from the horrible conspirators mentioned above.  Well, to my complete delight it turned out to be FRANK AND CHRISTINE, my old college roommates and some of my dearest friends in the world.  roomiesI never expected it to be the two of them as they live in California and have really busy lives.  I can’t describe my joy.  And they stayed the entire weekend.  We laughed, imbibed, played endless silly games, reminisced, and gagged over that Game of Thrones episode.  Really, Jaime?  You’re gonna charge a DRAGON?  Gurlll.

Another wonderful thing to come out of the PRFM was meeting so many wonderful, generous, warm people at my booth.  Some bought items from me, some didn’t, some left donations for the charity I promote (  My new cards about mental illness were a catalyst for many a conversation about anxiety and depression.  I felt a strong connection with these virtual strangers; people I had just met and only spoken with for a few minutes. It was encouraging and powerful.  I tend to isolate myself because of my anxiety, fatigue, and self doubt.  Experiences like these remind me that there is power and comfort in human connection, no matter how fleeting it may be.  And it ALWAYS helps to have two of your favorite people in the world surprise you with a weekend visit 🙂



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