Silly illustrations.  Rants about depression and anxiety.  Stories my kids made up.  Anthropomorphized food with attitude issues.  Dumb jokes.  Serial killer collages.  Your average middle aged old lady child musings.  Things I made.


Illustrator. Maker of stuff.

Mom.  Depressed arthritic.

Kids In The Hall enthusiast.

Loud person.

     Rebecca is an artist living in the gorgeous state of Colorado wishing she had an adorable cabin in the mountains filled with fluffy pillows and snuggly blankets where she could make things all day long.  She has psoriatic arthritis.  It sucks more than you know.  She is the daughter of ridiculously smart former diplomats who dragged her and her two sisters all around Central and South America and Europe until kicking them all out to go to college and have some GD peace and quiet.  She comes from loud people.  Yes, she speaks Spanish.  Sure, she can say things about monkeys and cats going to the disco in German.  And remembers a song about a Christmas pig and also how to say “strawberry hedgehog” in Finnish.  Impressed yet?  Darn.  More then…

She almost won both an essay contest and the spelling bee in fifth grade.  She and her friends did win the talent show their senior year of high school with a kind of inappropriate hip hop number she choreographed.  As a child, she pretended to be a duck.  For too long.  She reached her current height of SIX FEET when she was 11 YEARS OLD.  So, yeah, she has a great personality.  Rebecca went to college and studied sooooooo many things but graduated with a degree in theatre.  (Pause for laughter.)  She lived in Chicago and passively pursued acting to various degrees of success.  She had two beautiful babies.  Ok, she still has them but they’re not babies anymore and this makes her sad.

Her youngest baby is responsible for the resurgence of her passion for drawing.  He tells her stories which she then illustrates and gives to him to see if they’ll make him laugh.  It all began with penguins holding hands (fins?  flippers?) and went haywire from there.  These days, Rebecca can be found drawing more than interacting with others.  She’s created four coloring books, written and illustrated two children’s books, made countless greeting cards, and will someday share all of these with actual humans.  She’d love to work full-time as a creative artist.  Until then, can she get your more coffee or show you where the restroom is?  No?  Cool.  She’ll just answer emails, then.

Thanks for reading!  Let’s work together!



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